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Excelsis is a Melbourne-based Catholic choir which sings primarily for liturgical events and also gives occasional concert performances.  The choir sings a varied repertoire of sacred music from numerous Christian traditions, incorporating classical European works, traditional African pieces, Gospel songs, Welsh hymnody and contemporary Asian church music.  Excelsis takes its name from the Latin word, meaning ‘highest’.  Through the music which it sings, the choir aims to achieve the highest musical standards, in order to give praise to the Highest.
Excelsis is a traditional four-part mixed choir (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass).  Choristers range from the very young, to the very young at heart, and all singers share a love of inspiring people in their faith and entertaining them through the gift of music.  A great deal of the repertoire which Excelsis sings is unique within the Catholic experience, and offers both the singers of Excelsis, and their audiences, the opportunity to continually explore and discover the vast body of Christian choral music which exists today.
Excelsis does not sing for a single parish, instead maintaining a monthly rotation of parishes in which it sings the Sunday mass.  For details of this rotation, please see the Masses page on this site.
Excelsis always welcomes new choristers.  If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to contact us - we would be very pleased to welcome you to one of our rehearsals!
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